What’s Under the Sink? A Closer Look into The Bathroom

Detox Your Bathroom

Detox Your Bathroom

A peek into many bathroom cupboards reveals an array of cleaning products that can be corrosive to skin and lungs as well as the germs they’re used to kill. Today, we know of many options to tackle the job of disinfection and effective cleaning that don’t create fumes and are gentler for human health and the earth.

Chlorine bleach is a problem for some people who have sensitive lungs and skin. An alternative is hydrogen peroxide, or oxygen bleach. It is s a powerful disinfectant which doesn’t have the fumes of chlorine bleach.

A couple teaspoons of tea tree oil mixed with 2 litres of water can be used on toilets and other surfaces in the bathroom. Vinegar can be used alone or mixed with water for all purpose cleaning. For glass shower doors, I use natural laundry soap and water to tackle the soapy build up.

Borax can be used to treat serious mold and mildew. But if there is a problem, you might want to look at adding ventilation instead of trying to keep up with removing it.

Some have found relief from lung irritation and skin rashes due to bathing and showering in chlorinated water. KDF filters are made from zinc and copper and they neutralize chlorine and remove an array of contaminants from pesticides to heavy metals. They simply attach to your shower head. Filters need to be replaced from time to time (mine last 3 months) but these non-chemical filters are safe and effective.

Air fresheners are toxic, period. Instead of spraying VOCs, sensititizers and petroleum products into the air or using the type that steadily release fumes, how about a fan or increasing air flow? Regular cleaning should get rid of normal bathroom odors. The health effects of air fresheners need to be weighed against being grossed out temporarily by an odor . 🙂

In bathrooms, there are drains. What are we supposed to flush or pour down drains? Where does it end up? I explain an experience I had standing on Lake Eerie which really helped me make the connection. Listen here.

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