Wood or Woodlike? About Particleboard

Take wood fibres of various sizes and spray with a resin/adhesive containing urea formaldehyde. Voila, you get particleboard, plywood and fibreboard found in many homes. In the bedroom, especially, where we spend so much restorative time healthwise, is this a good idea?

Flooring, shelves, headboards, dressers and other bedroom furniture can contain these engineered wood products which are glued, painted and stained with products which contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The off-gassing can trigger symptoms and serious illness in some. Sealing the offending piece can relieve symptoms and ventilation is a must.

I watch design shows on TV these days and can’t believe how they make headboards made from VOC-rich plywood ,install MDF shelves and spray or paint objects in bedrooms, even kids’ bedrooms. Cheap? Yes, but healthy? No!

Solid wood furniture and non-toxic stains, paints, glues and sealants are available nowadays. Some builders and furniture makers specialize in formaldehyde-free products and construction. Parents who are concerned about exposing their developing children to toxins can celebrate in the fact that there are many non-toxic options these days. With effort and usually, higher cost, a safer bedroom can pay off in healthier bodies.

Copyright Lynn Argent, 2008

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