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Chemical Clothing, Bras, Finishes and What is the Likely Culprit?

I’ll take the bloody wrinkles, thank you! Ok, my blood’s really pumping after watching a short segment on 16 x 9, a news program where they explored chemicals in clothing. You can watch the segment online here. About a year … Continue reading

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Talk with Dr. Tang Lee about Mould/Mold Prevention and Clean-Up

You’re invited to a live interactive event on Living in a Chemical Soup Podcast. Guest Expert: Dr. Tang Lee from the University of Calgary. Professor of Architecture (Building Science and Environmental Health) I’ll be talking with Dr. Lee about mold … Continue reading

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Review of Homo Toxicus, a documentary film by Carole Poliquin

Last night, CBC aired a short version of the longer 90 min film, Homo Toxicus. I’ll be talking about just some of the highlights of the episode and adding my own thoughts. In an animated segment at the beginning, we … Continue reading

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Phthalates and Bisphenol A News: Are They On the Way Out?

What are They, Where are They Found and What Are the Concerns Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, has been used for decades in the making of tough polycarbonate plastic.¬† Polycarbonate plastic makes up the hard drinking water bottles¬† sold … Continue reading

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Non-Toxic Arts and Crafts Materials for Children. A Good Choice for Others, Too?

In learning to live a less toxic lifestyle, one area I’ve always wanted to focus on is making art. I studied visual arts in university and painting was my therapy and primary mode of expression. Yet, since becoming more sensitive … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Ozone Generators- Stay Away!

As we become aware of the fact that indoor air quality can be compromised by dust, mold, bacteria, chemical pollutants and other contaminants, we go into the jungle of air cleaners, purifiers and filters. One type of so called cleaner … Continue reading

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