The Dangers of Ozone Generators- Stay Away!

As we become aware of the fact that indoor air quality can be compromised by dust, mold, bacteria, chemical pollutants and other contaminants, we go into the jungle of air cleaners, purifiers and filters. One type of so called cleaner is an ozone generators which intentially produces this gas. Manufacturers and vendors of ozone devices often use misleading terms to talk about ozone. You may see “energized oxygen” or “pure air”, suggesting that ozone is a healthy kind of oxygen. Ozone is a toxic gas with vastly different chemical and toxicological properties from oxygen. Ozone is a component of urban smog, as I found out living in one very polluted city where just breathing outside air irritated my lungs. So why on earth would anyone want to pump this gas into their home? It’s due to convincing marketing. Buyer beware.

Some Potential Health Effects of Ozone:

Decreases in lung function

Aggravation of asthma

Throat irritation and cough

Chest pain and shortness of breath

Inflammation of lung tissue

Higher susceptibility to respiratory infection

The American Lung Association, Health Canada and the EPA warn against about the use of ozone generators in homes. From personal experience, I can tell you, they irritate lungs and people with pre-exisiting breathing problems need to be careful around ozone.

Instead of ozone generators, how about filtering particulate like dust and smoke with a hepa filter and finding one which also has a carbon filter for fumes. You also can simply open a window to ventilate a problematic space.

I’ve read how ozone generators are being sold to treat “‘pet odors”. Birds have very sensitive breathing systems, as does this human canary. Doesn’t this seem like a mixed message? Create a toxic gas in homes to clean the smells of animals? I think so.


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