Talk with Dr. Tang Lee about Mould/Mold Prevention and Clean-Up

You’re invited to a live interactive event on Living in a Chemical Soup Podcast.

Guest Expert: Dr. Tang Lee from the University of Calgary.
Professor of Architecture (Building Science and Environmental Health)

I’ll be talking with Dr. Lee about mold and it’s effects on human health. Prevention, remediation, what we can do when faced with this serious health problem

How to participate and talk with Dr. Lee
Link to the chat room which opens 15 min before event.

Alternate link: (Podcast player is a link to the chat room.)

To call in and participate by phone:

Call 1 724 444 -7444 (normal long distance rates apply but there is no fee to join the call)
Enter talkcast ID 11292, then #
Enter 1, then #

When? Thursday, April 2/09 at 9 PM EST.

Where? Online (See link to chat room above)

The interview and conversation with callers will be recorded and made available for download.


Update: You can listen to recorded episode HERE.

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2 Responses to Talk with Dr. Tang Lee about Mould/Mold Prevention and Clean-Up

  1. RA says:

    I wish I’d run across this in time to listen in! I worked on a paper for Professor Lee a couple years ago. He is one smart cookie. 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    You can download the episode and listen if you’d like. I posted a link above (Update….) Or, in the player to the right.

    It was a very informative interview and Dr. Lee seems very concerned about the people he helps.

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