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Husband Asked, “What’s in Alba’s Unscented Moisturing Cream Shave?”

This morning, my husband asked, “What’s in this shaving cream? Is it really free of synthetic chemicals?” He saw a list of ingredients he couldn’t pronounce and wondered what they were. He went on to gush over how much better … Continue reading

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Organic Means Pesticide-Free, Right? WRONG! About Botanical Pesticides

I know this post is going to make a lot of people cringe.  My intent is not to bash organic farming.  I buy organic and will continue to do so, confident that the choices organic farmers make are better for … Continue reading

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What Products are Made from Petrochemicals?

What products are made from petrochemicals? The National Petroleum and Refiners Association Tells Us From their site: Products Made from Petrochemicals include plastics, soaps, detergents, solvents (such as paint thinner), paints, drugs, fertilizer, pesticides, explosives, synthetic fibers and rubbers, and … Continue reading

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Listen to Podcast with Dr. Tang Lee, Professor of Architecture: Mold, Health and What You Can Do about It

In this episode of Living in a Chemical Soup Podcast, I interviewed Dr. Tang Lee (U of C) about mold. We talked about prevention, clean-up, tips for renters and landlords, grow-ops, testing, symptoms of toxic mold exposure, and much more. … Continue reading

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Syncrude and 1600 Ducks

I live with birds and when I heard about the number of ducks killed in the tailings ponds created by Syncrude, this image popped into my head. I made it into a t-shirt if anyone else thinks it’s got some … Continue reading

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