Castile Soap

oliveFor some reason, I’m enamored with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. With its enigmatic label crammed with sayings and text small enough to make me go cross-eyed, the bottle intrigues. So what exactly is Castile soap?
It’s soap made from plant oils, especially olive oil and originates in the Castile region of Spain.

The brand I chose was Dr. Bronner’s but there are many brands. As always, check ingredients to make sure you have a pure, natural soap.

Tip: If you want the most non-irritating kind, get the soap made for babies. I bought the Dr. Bronner’s Magic unscented, baby-mild hemp pure-Castile soap. Magic? Will it clean my house for me?

I almost bust a retina finding the ingredients but managed. This is what’s in it.

water, saponified organic coconut and organic olive oils (w/retained glycerin), organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, natural butter almond fragrance, citric acid, vitamin E.

Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t it say Unscented? So, what’s with the natural almond butter fragrance? And why oh why did the shaving cream I wrote about in the last post have lavender in it but was fragrance-free? Lavender has a scent. It’s all so confusing!

Unscented and Fragrance-free to companies mean that there has been no fragrance added to give their product a smell. However, fragrance called masking agents can be added to cover up smell. So, I sniffed. Neither the shaving cream I wrote about in a previous post, nor the castile soap had a perfume smell and neither made me dizzy, so I bought them.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap calls itself “ALL-IN-ONE”. This weekend, on a trip to the clean air of the mountains, I took shampoo, a bar of glycerin soap and Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap. At one point, I stared at the liquid dish soap provided by my host and thought, “Nuh un. No stinky soap for me.” So, I wondered if soap made from oil would clean the dishes.

Being the adventurous type, I dripped a few drops of soap into a sinkful of water. No foam, no nothing. And no stink from fragrance. I washed the dishes in the unusual mixture and rinced them well in hot water. Did the trick just fine. Soap is made from fat but it’s not oily.

Would I switch to Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap to wash dishes at home? No. But next time I travel and need a soap that is versatile. How you say, “ALL-IN-ONE”, Dr. Bronner’s my man!

How do you use castile soap?

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Watch Dr. Bronner’s informative video about fake soaps here.

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  1. Trisha says:

    Castile Soap is great for everything.

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