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listen buttonYou can listen to Living in a Chemical Soup Podcast? Interviews with some of the most informed people around. Topics are related to environment and health in the home. Each episode is about 1 hour.

Play audio by clicking “Past Episodes” in green player to the right.

Some Past Topics and Guests
Ep.23 Talk with Dr. Tang Lee-Mold Prevention and Clean-up and Health

Ep. 22 Talk with Dr. Magda Havas about Electromagnetic Fields and Health

Ep. 21 Talk with Dr. Anne Steinemann about Toxins in Products and Home

EPISODE20 -Talk with Enviromental Inspector and Building Expert

EPISODE19 – Special Guest, Stephen Collette from Yourhealthyhouse.ca

EPISODE17 – Earth Day Special with guest, Tim Penstone, Organic Lawn Care

EPISODE16 Bisphenol A Expected to be Declared Dangerous Substance Today

EPISODE15- Healthier Home Tour: Create a Less Toxic Yard, Lawn and Garage

EPISODE14 – Healthier Home Tour: The Basement/Laundry Room

EPISODE13 – Healthier Home Tour: The Living Room

EPISODE12 – Creating a Healthy Home Tour: The Bedroom

EPISODE11 – Create a Healthier Home Tour – Week 2 The Ktichen

EPISODE10- Create a Healthier Home Tour Week 1- The Bathroom


EPISODE9 PART ONE- Greenwashing,Marketing to Kids, Guess this Product ,etc

More Episodes on Talkcast Home Page.


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