Home Building for People Who are Sensitive or Want Greener Materials

Posted with permission. Thanks Sal from MCS-America.org.

These are some great articles on healthy home building materials. They were written for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities but are great for anyone wanting to build healthy homes. Prevention is key!

Healthy Housing Resources for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Welcome to MCS: Time to Look at Your Home in a Different Light

Hiring an MCS Safe Contractor

About the author:

Stephen Collette is a Building Biology Environmental Consultant and LEED accredited professional
who owns Your Healthy House.
Visit Stephen’s site.

*Want more info on the topic? These podcast episodes have TONS of tips.
Listen to my interviews with Stephen on Living in a Chemical Soup Podcast (about 1 hr. each episode)
Building Safer Homes: Flooring and Lots More Practical Advice;
Building Biologist, Stephen Collette on Building Healthier Homes

*Go to MCS-America.org’s newsletter archive for more articles.

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2 Responses to Home Building for People Who are Sensitive or Want Greener Materials

  1. Diane says:

    Do you know anything about how to off gas electronics………computers, tv’s vcr’s, etc………or are there better brand choices on these items as far as no offgas?

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi Di,

    The only way I know of takes a long time. It’s to “burn off” the equipment by playing it. One could leave it outside for a few months to do so. Who can go without for that long? Not a great solution.

    For specific brands, I’d join an MCS support group and ask different people which brands work. It depends if you’re sensitive to EMFs or the chemicals in such products or both. I know of no brands that are made with MCS in mind. I’ve had good and bad experiences but brand wasn’t the determining factor. And sometimes, the wires were the problem, not the machines.

    Buying older, used products is a good idea. Second hand.

    Here’s an active group.
    Or Planet Thrive or the Canary Report.
    Ask for specific brands/years but they might not work for you. Second hand again, is the way to go.

    I have a beautiful LCD TV in my basement that is sitting there. I can’t use it because it made me so sick. I may try to off gas it by leaving it at a relatives for 3-6 months and trying it again then.

    Good luck.

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