Men and What They Think About Women Wearing Make-Up

Ok, my previous post was for the ladies. Do any men read Living in a Chemical Soup? 😉

What do you think about women wearing make-up? Do you prefer the natural look? Of course, it depends and it really is up to a woman what we want to wear, not a man, but I’d love to hear from the fellas.


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3 Responses to Men and What They Think About Women Wearing Make-Up

  1. Paul luke says:

    I like it when women wear make-up as us men are attracted by sight, & it’s good to see a woman who looks after her appearance etc

    If the make-up is chemical free & it would cause no harm that would be great, but if it was making them sick i would be against them wearing it..

  2. Greg says:

    I have never understood why a woman would cover up her natural beauty with artificial beauty. It is sad that we live in a society in which commercials strive to talk women into thinking that men will not find them attractive without makeup.

    The natural beauty of a woman (including every wrinkle, blemish, and gray hair) is not celebrated in our society. Those that sell the beauty products would rather they feel ashamed of or embarrased for the way they look.

    If you buy makeup do it because it is fun and not because some company says you need to.

    Ladies, look with wonder at the woman in the mirror and reject that voice that tells you that you are not good enough. You are more than good enough, you are beautiful and you are great!

  3. steve monroe says:

    I have always prefered that women do NOT wear make-up plus many that do put on way too much. I prefer there natural look. Simple basic personal care like showers and clean clothes are just fine with me.

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