New Quick Reference: Detox Your Home Room by Room!

I’ve shared over 10 yrs of learning and talked to many experts on this blog and podcast.  Now, you can read some of my blog posts room by room.  You can find more posts in the archives.

Quick Start List.  Start Learning Today!

A Healthier Home: Room by Room
(Some of My Blog Posts, Organized!)

*For people interested in learning about the health effects of everyday products/methods AND safer alternatives…


Living Room:
Safer Sofas, Flooring and Sofas
Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Bulbs and Health Problems
Toxic Sofas Made in China-Sold in the UK

What’s in Particleboard and Wood Products?  And Better Choices
Oven Cleaner: A Corrosive Hazard
A Non-Toxic Tip: Prevent Bugs in Flour
Teflon, Non-Stick Pans and Cooking without Harmful Fumes
What the Numbers on Plastics Mean
Fewer Cleaners to Clean Your Kitchen
What is Castile Soap?
Green Cleaning – A Free Guide with Recipes

Healthier Bathrooms
How to Sanitize Without Chlorine
Freshen the Air without Harmful Chemicals
Disinfectant Overkill

AUDIO: EP.24- Interview w/Stacy Malkan, The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

Safer Sheets, Bedding and Fabrics
Chemical Clothing: Formaldehyde and Health
Non-Toxic Mattresses and What’s in Flame Retardants

Humidity, Mold, Laundry and Solvents in the Basement
Hazards of Ozone Generators
Healthier Laundry

AUDIO: Ep.23 Talk with Dr. Tang Lee-Mold Prevention and    Clean-up and Health

Garage and Yard:
Mindboggling List of Household Products Made from Petrochemicals
Paints: Low Odor, No VOC, What Do The Terms Mean?

Non-Toxic Arts and Crafts: A Great Web Resource
PVC-Free School Supplies- A Web Resource

Hazards of Fragrance:
Phthalates in Air Fresheners
New Study:Toxins in Common Scented Laundry Products and Air Fresheners

AUDIO: Ep. 21 Talk with Dr. Anne Steinemann about Toxins in Products and Home      

Male Fertility and Household Products:
The Disappearing Male/Infertility and Common Products
Healthier Toys- A Web Resource
Why Boys are Turning into Girls

Greenwashing and Labels:
What “Non-Toxic” on a Label Means
Greenwashing: Why Being “Green” or “Natural” is Not Enough Anymore
Organic Means Free of Pesticides, Right?  WRONG!
The Deadly Sins of Greenwashing: Download a Poster with Reminders

Building Materials:
Finding Safer Sealants and Caulk
Building Materials for the Environmentally Hypersensitive- A Book
Chinese Drywall in Homes in the US and Canada
Green Renos and Home Building-Free Guide

AUDIO- EPISODE 20 -Enviromental Inspector and Building Expert, Stephen Collette

AUDIO- EPISODE 19 -EPISODE19 – Special Guest, Stephen Collette from

Treating Lice
Free E-Book: What’s in This Stuff?
Chemical Filters in Sunscreens Killing Coral: Greener Alternatives
Free Download: The Non-Toxic House

AUDIO: Ep. 22 Talk with Dr. Magda Havas about Electromagnetic Fields and Health
AUDIO: EPISODE17 – Earth Day Special with guest, Tim Penstone, Organic Lawn Care
Check Out More Blog Posts and Audio Interviews to Help Get Out of the Chemical Soup!

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