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Free Download- The Non-Toxic House

The Non-Toxic House by Louise Samways From her website: Almost all of our household and workplace furnishings and surfaces – as well as our clothing, toiletries, cleaners, food and drinking water – contain often harmful chemicals. With poor ventilation, dampness, … Continue reading

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Castile Soap

For some reason, I’m enamored with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. With its enigmatic label crammed with sayings and text small enough to make me go cross-eyed, the bottle intrigues. So what exactly is Castile soap? It’s soap made from plant … Continue reading

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So Many Kitchen Cleaning Products. Are They All Really Necessary? Disinfect Your Kitchen

Under many kitchen sinks sit a variety of cleaners, all sold to us to do a specific job.  Do we really need all of them?  The short answer is, “No!” It’s the effect of good marketing to believe that only … Continue reading

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What’s Under the Sink? A Closer Look into The Bathroom

A peek into many bathroom cupboards reveals an array of cleaning products that can be corrosive to skin and lungs as well as the germs they’re used to kill. Today, we know of many options to tackle the job of … Continue reading

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