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Alice Shabecoff Asks “What’s Amiss with our Children?”

What’s Amiss with our Children: by Guest Blogger, Alice Shabecoff As we watched each of our five grandchildren and their friends enter this world and begin their life’s journey, it became more and more clear that something is amiss with … Continue reading

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Good Interview with Environmental Defense Fund Scientists

They’ve been asked many of the questions we all want to know. From the article: We recently had the opportunity to speak with two EDF scientists in this field: Richard Denison, EDF’s Senior Scientist specializing in policy, hazard and risk … Continue reading

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What’s the Connection Between Fertility, Male Testes and Our Household Products?

  The Disappearing Male– a 45 min documentary available online. http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/doczone/2008/disappearingmale/ You can download a 45 minute documentary film from this site.  Or, play the film online.  There is a link to the right of the page.  Find “Watch Doc … Continue reading

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Breathing Easier in the Basement: Humidity, Mold, Solvents and Laundry

When I was growing up, the basement was a place to store stuff we didn’t want to look at as well as a place where we kids could hang out, away from the ears and eyes of parents. Well, since … Continue reading

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