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Lead and Cadmium in Jewelry and Handbags, Enough is Enough! Here is a Kick in the Pants if You Still Need One

Two more reports have come out recently showing high levels of toxic heavy metals in children’s jewelry and handbags. What are you doing about it? Manufacturers have been barred from using lead in some children’s products. So what did they … Continue reading

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Women and Aging Chemicals: Opting out of Make-up and Redefining Normal

Today I read this headline “The average British woman “hosts” 515 chemicals on her body every day, according to a new study.” In a poll of 2,016 women, it was determined that most of the products contain tens or even … Continue reading

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EWG Tests over 20 Cleaners used in Schools

School Cleaners Test Results EWG tested over 20 cleaners used in schools in California, and detected hundreds of air contaminants not listed as ingredients by manufacturers. Further testing shows that cleaning a model classroom using 3 widely used, certified green … Continue reading

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New: Getting Out of the Chemical Soup T-Shirts

I’m not a graphic artist but I enjoy creating designs. These are available for purchase in the US and Canada. Printed with non-toxic ink. Organic T’s available. Shop here.

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Sunscreen with Chemical UV Filters: Killing Coral and Disrupting Hormones in Humans? And Alternatives

Last night I watched a French documentary about sunscreen and my eyes were opened to the impact we are having on the planet-one I was not previously aware of. Not living near the sea, I rarely visit beaches. But imagine … Continue reading

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DEET Study Raises Worry about Toxicity in Humans: New Study Says. I Say, “Who Cares?” And Alternatives

DEET’s chemical name is N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide. The US Army was the first to use DEET and it was made available to the public in 1957. The EPA deemed DEET to be safe for adults and children as long as it’s used … Continue reading

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Free Download- The Non-Toxic House

The Non-Toxic House by Louise Samways From her website: Almost all of our household and workplace furnishings and surfaces – as well as our clothing, toiletries, cleaners, food and drinking water – contain often harmful chemicals. With poor ventilation, dampness, … Continue reading

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