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FAIL! Neurotoxins, Our Brains and the Limitations of Scientific Testing

Below are 3 detailed reports on neurotoxic chemicals and their effects on our bodies. I’d argue that in light of the fact that we are polluted, the system as it is has failed us. I mean, the contributing products are … Continue reading

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PVC-Free School Supplies-Free Guide

Created by The Center for Health, Environment and Justice Get the guide.

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Healthytoys.org – A Tool to Help Find Healthy, Less Toxic Toys

Want to know how much bromine is in a WII? Which bracelets contain lead? Which toys are free of certain harmful chemicals? I’m adding this website to the tools section. From the Healthytoys.org Website: The U.S. government doesn’t require full … Continue reading

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Chemical Clothing, Bras, Finishes and What is the Likely Culprit?

I’ll take the bloody wrinkles, thank you! Ok, my blood’s really pumping after watching a short segment on 16 x 9, a news program where they explored chemicals in clothing. You can watch the segment online here. About a year … Continue reading

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New Episodes on Living in a Chemical Soup Podcast

Visit Living in a Chemical Soup Talkcast Page. Recent episodes include talkcasts with Dr. Anne Steinemann about her research into household products and their health effects, Dr. Magda Havas on EMFs, dirty power and health effects of electricity, wireless technology, … Continue reading

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New Study Finds Toxic Chemicals Found in Common Scented Laundry Products, Air Fresheners

A University of Washington study of top-selling laundry products and air fresheners found the products emitted dozens of different chemicals. All six products tested gave off at least one chemical regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws, but none … Continue reading

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Safer, Non-Toxic Laundry

The Problems Laundry products like scented detergents and fabric softeners are blamed for many symptoms including dizziness, breathlessness, asthma attacks, fatigue, bowel symptoms, joint pain, rashes, mood changes and learning problems. Have you noticed how they’ve become stronger and more … Continue reading

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