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What the Numbers on Plastics Mean, Safer Cooking and Food Storage

Awareness is all about knowing  what’s in food, what it’s cooked in and how it’s stored, all which end up going into our bodies.  Eating is an activity that is important and a direct way of affecting health.  So what are some ways … Continue reading

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How to Sanitize and Disinfect without Chlorine

Sanitizing/Disinfecting Alternatives That are Effective How much is too much and what is going overboard when it comes to home safety?  And are we putting ourselves unwittingly at even more risk by using some products? From what I’ve read, I’m … Continue reading

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So Many Kitchen Cleaning Products. Are They All Really Necessary? Disinfect Your Kitchen

Under many kitchen sinks sit a variety of cleaners, all sold to us to do a specific job.  Do we really need all of them?  The short answer is, “No!” It’s the effect of good marketing to believe that only … Continue reading

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