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Disinfectant Overkill, Our Health and Alternatives

Women’s Voices for the Earth (a great organization with lots of resources on their website) has published a report “Disinfectant Overkill” about what disinfectants are linked to health problems. In it, they explain why hospital cleanliness standards for the average … Continue reading

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What Does “Non-Toxic” on a Label Mean?

“Non-toxic” is a marketing term used to describe many household cleaners. What exactly does it mean and is it protecting us? Should consumers trust the term or go further and check ingredients? Greenerchoices.org is a web tool designed by the … Continue reading

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How to Sanitize and Disinfect without Chlorine

Sanitizing/Disinfecting Alternatives That are Effective How much is too much and what is going overboard when it comes to home safety?  And are we putting ourselves unwittingly at even more risk by using some products? From what I’ve read, I’m … Continue reading

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