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Toxic Leather Sofas made in China Cause Severe Burns and Other Health Problems

The cause was discovered to be a highly sensitizing fungicidal chemical called dimethyl fumarate (DMF).  Inserted as solid sachets to inhibit mold growth, the chemical off-gassed in people’s homes, causing severe burns and illness. Reports came from the UK and … Continue reading

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Ten Tips to a Healthier, Chemical Hangover-Free Holiday

The season of merriment approaches. Here are some things to think about so you and your guests don’t wake up with the typical holiday hangover. And I don’t mean just from drinking alcohol. In addition, I’ve listed some ideas about … Continue reading

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Women and Aging Chemicals: Opting out of Make-up and Redefining Normal

Today I read this headline “The average British woman “hosts” 515 chemicals on her body every day, according to a new study.” In a poll of 2,016 women, it was determined that most of the products contain tens or even … Continue reading

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EWG Tests over 20 Cleaners used in Schools

School Cleaners Test Results EWG tested over 20 cleaners used in schools in California, and detected hundreds of air contaminants not listed as ingredients by manufacturers. Further testing shows that cleaning a model classroom using 3 widely used, certified green … Continue reading

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EWG’s Tips on Safer Handwashing and Avoiding Toxic Exposures

How to Clean Your Hands without Toxic Exposures Great tips from the Environmental Working Group Get the Tips

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New: Getting Out of the Chemical Soup T-Shirts

I’m not a graphic artist but I enjoy creating designs. These are available for purchase in the US and Canada. Printed with non-toxic ink. Organic T’s available. Shop here.

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PVC-Free School Supplies-Free Guide

Created by The Center for Health, Environment and Justice Get the guide.

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