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Dr. Bronner’s Activism Campaign Against Fake Organic Brands

Whew! Why is it so hard for us to believe? It is very disappointing to hear about so much greenwashing going on. Consumers, we have to be on our toes! Dr. Bronner’s press release: Top-selling natural soap brand Dr. Bronner’s … Continue reading

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David Suzuki Digs My Garden-100% Pesticide-free

I got news of this site created by Canadian activist/scientist, Dr. David Suzuki. About his site: Here you’ll learn from and teach others about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of gardening pesticide-free. See videos of local planters in action, get … Continue reading

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Non-Toxic Mattresses and What’s in Flame Retardants

Restorative sleep is important for health and wellness. Do you know what you’re sleeping on? Have you ever wondered if materials in sleep products have been tested for their effects on human health? For those wanting to avoid harmful chemicals, … Continue reading

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Safer Sheets, Bedding and Fabrics

Fabrics like those used to make sheets, curtains, rugs and upholstry coverings can contain a cocktail of chemicals designed to render them stain, water and flameproof. Unfortunately, they also add to the burden our bodies are trying to cope with … Continue reading

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